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Oral & maxillofacial surgery
Endodontic (root canal treatment) treatment by endodontologist expert
Orthodontic treatment by orthodontist expert – orthodontics without braces
Aeshtetic dental treatment by dentist specialized in aesthetic dentistry

Digital smile configuration Paedodontics

Porcelain –resin veneers, by dentist specialized in aesthetic dentistry over 7 years in England

Digital smile configuration. View on the computer how is your smile going to be configured before we even start the dental  treatments. We also have the possibility of doing some preoperations so you can see a more realistic result, in order for you to be sure in advance for the final aesthetic result
Hyaluronic botox. Placement by facial-maxillofacial specialized surgeon- plastic surgeon.

Medical acupuncture. Cranial acupuncture according to Yamamoto – Ear acupuncture according to Bazzoni. Exceptional results for a plethora of ailments such as headache, trigeminal neuralgia, weight loss, quit smoking etc.
Trigeminal neuralgia. Combination of therapeutic acupuncture according to Yamamoto and Ear acupunture according to Bazzoni. Homeopathy- classic therapeutic  treatment.
Facial pain. Treated with cranial acupuncture according to Yamamoto and Ear acupunture according to Bazzoni.
Quit smoking. Combination of Ear acupunture according to Bazzoni and medical therapeutic treatment.

Weight loss. Combination of Ear acupuncture according to Bazzoni and Functional Medicine.

See interventions, aesthetic improvement in patients.

Price list

Clinical examination - Oncology examination of oral cavity - Archiving - Treatment plan20 €
Digital x-ray10 €
Cleaning - scaling - polishing25 €
Stain removal10 €
Fluoride application20 €
Sealant (Preventive occlusion)25 €
Sealing by using composite resin30 €
Tooth extraction30-50 €
Endodontic Treatment
by endodontist specialist with the use of thermal obturation, laser, microscope and treatment guarantee.
One rooted tooth100 €
Two rooted tooth120 €
Three rooted tooth140 €
Retreatment50 €
Metal - Porcelain capfrom 100 €
Ceramic cap200 €
Ceramic crowns (Tray)200 €
Full denturefrom 300 € per jaw
Partial denturefrom 350 €
Precision Connector100 €
Denture reline80 €
Cyst removalfrom 150 €
Surgical Extraction of third molar toothfrom 100 €
Implants. Treatment guarantee's the high success rate due to the use of implant's type that neets the ISO standards such as:
-Alpha Bio - Nobel Biocare
from 700 €
Periodontal treatment30 € per quadrant
Periodontal treatment with laser50 € per quadrant
Gum plastic surgery25 € per tooth
Aesthetic Dentistry
Tooth Whitening with Biolase120 €
Porcelain veneers200 €
Resin veneers80 €