Dentures & Partials

Many patients are missing their teeth and desire to have upper and/or lower full denture or partial denture.  The clinic offers complete removable dentures and partial dentures as well as implant supported dentures.  

Due to comfort, implant supported dentures are the more common than conventional dentures.  Either choice you desire, your denture will look as natural as possible while attempting to replicate the size, shape and color of your natural teeth.  We use plastic materials that will try to offer you the function, stability and support your natural teeth originally provided.
Patients that currently wear dentures often ask to have their dentures remade.  Depending on the situation, we can sometimes do this in a few days which would permit only one visit to Greece.

We can also fabricate temporary dentures or partial dentures for patients that must wait for a healing process.  This may be necessary because they required multiple extractions or had dental implants placed.  Many times they must wait a few months for the implants and/or bone graft to become solid and the temporary denture or partial will provide protection and an aesthetic option during this healing process.

If you desire a more stable denture, We also offer implant supported dentures. Depending on your case, we can utilize 2 to 8 implants.

The more implants you have for support, the more secure and comfortable your denture will be while chewing, speaking and smiling! Conventional dentures are always a very natural option to replace missing teeth.