Dentist in Thessaloniki. Medical clinic spaces

See  our spaces from our multifunctional medical clinic.

As a dentist in Thessaloniki I undertake, along with my colleagues, every dental operation.

You can trust us for teeth whitening, dental bridges, tooth decay treatment, gingivitis treatment,  fillings, implants, root canal treatments, paedodontics etc

Multifunctional Medical Clinic Stoma-Ygeia

Kimonos Voga 95, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: 2311-222190


  • Fully automated autoclave with printing of completion of sterilization in daily basis and at the disposal of our patients
  • Piezotome
  • Oral surgery laser and sterilization of root canals in endodontitis
  • Electronic microscope used in endodontitis
  • Full surgical equipment for implantology

Why choose us

As a Dentist in Thessaloniki, along with my medical group we operate in a full day work schedule. We provide oral restoration after a detailed  checking of data of every case.
We execute the dental restoration operations and anything that demands immediate treatment(ex. trauma) at a minimum time. We hold a permanently coordinated operating-cooperating group of experts in a steady and daily basis. We have a wide medical support (in cooperation with Interbalkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki). Availability of modern technological equipment and equipment for surveillance and vital functions support ( oxygen provision , monitor, defibrillator, medicines).
We use high quality certified-only materials.

We possess high level of scientific knowledge documented with diplomas. We are aware of all scientific news by participating in many scientific events.
Easy access and parking provided.

Dentist in Thessaloniki with ISO 9001:2008 certification for Dental and Facial-Maxillofacial Services provision.

It is certified that our space “STOMA YGEIA” provides a high quality of services and uses high quality materials according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements. This means that we have established and apply a system for quality management of our activities according to this specific standard requirements.

“STOMA YGEIA” is the only dental and facial-maxillofacial service providing center that owns this certification nationwide as of today.

Indicative operations that we undertake

  • Trigeminal neuralgias. Combination of therapeutic acupuncture according to Yamamoto and ear-acupunture according to Bazzoni. Homeopathy- classic therapeutic  treatment.
  • Teeth implants. Placement by maxillofacial surgeon in Thessaloniki. Computer guided implant placement without cuts, without stitches, without swelling and completely painlessly.
  • Braces. Placement by orthodontist expert. Technique without braces using transparent splints. Lingual appliance for impeccable aesthetic.


  • Root canal treatment. Executed by endodontist expert (specialized in Manchester, England) using an isolator, motorized enlargement, -heated gutta percha- final Xray deliverance for quality certification at a price of a simple root canal treatment.
  • Periodontitis. Strict protocol compliance in 7 sessions. Laser usage. Causal treatment by functional medicine. Homeopathic medicine usage.
  • Teeth whitening. Home-clinic combination for better result. Laser usage.
  • Tooth extraction by maxillofacial surgeon expert, completely painlessly. Placement of collagen cone for implant placement cases.
  • Porcelain veneers –resin, by dentist specialized in aesthetic dentistry, for 7 years in England
  • Resin fillings. Use of certified materials. Appliance via stratification.
  • Tooth decay. Tooth decay detection using a special photorefractive device.
  • Gingivitis. Strict protocol compliance. Subassistance via homeopathic treatment. Causal treatment by functional medicine.
  • Teeth cleaning using latest generation Amdent ultrasound. Air-polishing for spots removal


  • Dental bridge. High aesthetic and functionality with materials-laboratory certification. 10 year warranty.
  • Wisdom molar extraction by maxillofacial surgeon expert, completely painlessly. Full metasurgical  monitoring.
  • Abscess. Treatment by maxillofacial surgeon expert, specialized in cervicofacial infections.
  • Digital smile configuration. View on the computer how is your smile going to be configured before we even start the dental  treatments. We also have the possibility of doing some preoperations so you can view a more realistic result, in order for you to be sure in advance for the final aesthetic result.