About Evangelia Xenidou

Aesthetic dentistry, specialized for 7 years in England

1995-2001 Degree in Dentistry, awarded by Supreme Medical Institution – School of Stomatology Plovdiv.
The degree was recognized as equal and corresponding to the awarded degrees from Dentistry Departements of Greek Higher Education Institutions’ Health Science Schools, after participating in additional exams.

Degree grade 7,4

2007-2008 Completion of Master Programme “ one year contemporary aesthetic and restorative dentistry course” Dr Dominic Ηassal.,aesthetic and implant seminars ,London,UK

2009-2010 Completion of Master Programme -Aesthetic Dentistry,Dr Paul Tipton ,Manchester,UK

SEMINARS  Has taken part in plenty of seminars and conferences. Indicatively:
2006-2007. Implant course-Paul Tipton Manchester
2006 . The art of a beautiful smile-G .Kirtley St Guy s Hospital
2006.RestorativeSmile Design-DR Andrew Hall Durham
2007-2008. Aesthetic and Implant course- Dr Dominic Hassall Peterborough Hospital
2008.Solving anterior wear problems-Glenn DuPont London
2008.Cosmetic digital imaging-G.Kirtley London
2008.Ending the confusion in aesthetic case planning-Dr A.Jurim London
2008. World Aesthetic Congress 2008-Queen Elizabeth Centre June
2006. Local anaesthesia-Newcastle
2009. Diode Laser training
2009. ZOOM whitening training
2009  Chemical Peeling Systems-May
2009.Treatment planning and scheduling optimum dentistry-March
2009.Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers-April 2009 Vivienne Smith
2009-2010. Aesthetic Dentistry-Dr Paul Tipton
2010.Managment of worn dentition –Dr John Cranham March
2010.Botulinum Toxin Type A-April
2010.Advanced training in using Botulinum Toxin Type A-Dr Xavier Goodarzian
2011. Personalised Dentures-Dr John Besford May 2011
2013.Six month smiles-Dr Anoop Maini March 2013

Online courses

  1. Handling Complaints-Dr A Collier
  2. Professional responsibility and indemnity-Dr A Collier
  3. Legal and Ethical Issues-Mr M Brennan
  4. Complaints-Why they happen and how to resolve them-Dr John Tiernan
  5. Risk management-Dr A Collier
  6. Recording keeping-James Wise
  7. Early detection and prevention of oral cancer-Dr A Gould
  8. Medical Emergencies-Dr C Dickinson
  9. Detecting oral cancer-Mr Robert Dyas
  10. Instrument decontamination- Dr C Pankhurst
  11. IRMER Xrays –mkupdate


September 2004-November 2004
Dentist in Aggeliki Xenidou’s private practice

Feb 2005-Aug 2007
Dentist in private practice in Great Britain-Alma dental/UK

Sept 2007-July 2013
Dentist in state dental practice in Great Britain-GenixHealthcare Mιddlesbrough /UK

Sept 2012-May 2013
Dentist in state/private practice in Great Britain -Westmount dental Sunderland /UK