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About Mitsas Georgios

Scientifically responsible for “Stoma-Ygeia” medical clinic

My name is Mitsas Ioanni Georgios and I was born in Thessaloniki. I graduated from School of Dentistry of Aristotle University of Thessalonki. Alongside with my studies, I attended a 2-year training for Dental Prosthetics, in Galinos technical school. After taking exams I was admitted in Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki from where I graduated successfully.

I worked for several years in my private practice at 49, Ionos Dragoumi  as a Dental. Afterwards, I successfully took admission exams for Papanikolaou Hospital’s Maxillofacial Surgery specialization.

I began my internship as a General Surgery intern doctor for 6 months at Kavala Hospital’s Surgical Clinic under mr. Christodoulidis’ management. Afterwards I was appointed as a Maxillofacial Surgery intern doctor for 4 years at Papanikolaou Hospital and I completed the last semester of my internship at Papanikolaou Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Clinic under mr. Manos’ management.

Furthermore I specialize in medical acupuncture, trigeminal neuralgias, facial pain, weight loss – quit smoking, myoskeletal pain treatment and I am a member of Medical Institute of Thessaloniki.

I attended plenty of seminars, workshops and conferences:

  1. Retraining in dentures , Liechtenstein Ελβετίας.
  2. 1995 Implants, New York University College of Dentistry in Oral Implantology.
  3. 27ο Greek Paedodontics conference in Thessaloiniki.
  4. Paedodontics, Prevention and Orthodontics seminar, 1991.
  5. Medical and social problem» workshop from Maxillofacial Surgery Department of 424 General Military Hospital.
  6. Classic prosthetics-implant prosthetics seminar of stomatological Northern Greece Company 1992
  7. Training seminar for Dental Protection from Radiation 1994.
  8. Aesthetic and functional restoration of front teeth seminar.
  9. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) seminar and Dental Act.
  10. Endodonty seminar from Greek Endodonty company 1992.
  11. Preventive and social dentistry workshop.
  12. «Hospital patients nutrition problems» seminar, Papanikolaou Hospital
  13. «Bone metabolism-Jaw osteonecrosis diseases» seminar, Papanikolaou Hospital
  14. «Principles of Polyvalent Craniofacial Trauma treatment» seminar, Papanikolaou Hospital
  15. «Initial Estimation and Treatment of a multitraumatized patient» applied training seminar, at Emergency Cases Departement.

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