Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a very common dental procedure performed at our clinic.  Our Endodontic specialist were trained in the UK and other countries.  The Endodontic specialist are additionally trained after general dental school the same as USA Endodontist to perform root canals.

Our Endodontist use advanced technologies and techniques that allows them to complete most root canals in a single visit.  With modern equipment and technology, the procedure is quick and accurate and most patients report minimal discomfort.  When necessary, we also utilize an Endodontic microscope that enables the Endodontist to see deep within the tooth to ensure accuracy and precision with difficult root canals.

A root canal is performed when the tooth becomes infected (abscessed) or has excessive pain that will not go away.  Sometimes a tooth may be fractured deep within the root and not even a root canal will help the pain.  If the tooth is abscessed, the inside root of the tooth is infected.

The infection must be removed and pressure relieved through an opening in the top of the tooth.  When the infected and/or painful nerve is removed, an endodontic material is placed in the root space to maintain a pain free sterile environment.  It is necessary to strengthen the internal aspects of the tooth with a post/core and typically a crown is necessary to maintain the integrity and strength of the tooth.