Teeth Whitening

The clinic offers laser chairside teeth whitening and home whitening with trays/gel. Teeth whitening can remove stained teeth caused from age, coffee, tea, tobacco, soft drinks, medications and other factors. A simple common dental procedure that will make your natural smile look younger and brighter.

It is important that the teeth are as clean as possible and decay free.  Our dentist will perform a thorough evaluation prior to whitening your teeth to assure you are a good candidate.  It is important to have a hygiene cleaning within 1 month of whitening the teeth to make sure the teeth whiten evenly.

The procedure will involve 1 – 1 1/2 hours in the dental chair.  Our dental assistant will prepare the laser whitening system.  A gel is applied to your teeth and changed every 20 minutes during an hour. The gel is activated by a high intensity lamp accelerating the whitening process. After the one hour laser whitening procedure, your teeth can look one to four shades whiter. We will make an impression of your teeth and provide you with trays and gel to take home for touch-ups if necessary.

You may choose not laser whiten your teeth and only use the Home Whitening System.  The home whitening we provide is Zoom Day White (Hydrogen Peroxide) or Night White (Carbamide Peroxide). To get similar results as we typically see with the 1-hour laser whitening system, you will need to utilize the home whitening system for 5-7 days.