Why should I do teeth whitening, is a safe process and how long does the result last?

We do not only want healthy and functional teeth, we also want a bright and beautiful smile. This is achieved by tooth whitening. Tooth whitening, always in conjunction with the dentist, is safe. Quickly and painlessly it gives us the desired result that, under the dentist’s instructions, can last for quite a long time.


What is gingivitis and how do I deal with it?

The gums that flare up and bleed create gingivitis. Visit your dentist for cleaning and tips to deal with it.


What is periodontitis?

Chronic gingivitis develops into periodontitis as it causes serious gum infection. Those that are not healthy can not support our teeth. The result is lost from our mouths even if they are healthy.


How will I prevent tooth decay and how will I deal with?

Balanced diet, frequent dental check, frequent and correct brushing. These are some of the rules that prevent tooth decay from our teeth.


Which toothbrush should I use and how to brush my teeth?

The dentist will suggest one or more toothbrush models that are suitable for our own teeth. His tips for proper brushing are more important than the type of toothbrush.


Why am I in pain during cold and hot alternations?

What is usually responsible for this type of pain is caries. Also the worn enamel of our teeth. Another reason is the reduction of the gums and the exposure of the dentin either from periodontitis or from injury to our gums.


What should I to do with bad smell in my mouth?

Gingivitis or periodontitis, decayed tooth decay or abscesses in the gums or roots, are usually responsible for the bad breath of our mouth. Proper and effective brushing, checking regularly by the dentist is one of the basics you need to follow. All of this, since the causes of malodourism are not caused by pathological conditions.


How often should I visit the dentist?

Systematic and periodic preventive testing ensures that our problems are diagnosed early. Thus we can monitor the course of our oral health. If there is no other reason, the ideal space for dental check is every 6 months.


Can I fearlessly use the various advertised products?

Using all of these products will be more accurate and will have the desired results only with advice from your dentist.


Should I use oral solution?

Our ads are bombarded by a variety of oral solutions. So let’s learn that there are two categories, antiseptics and fluorides. They will be very useful to us for the same needs of our mouth as we follow the advice of our dentist.


Does oral health affect my overall health?

Careful care of the teeth offers much more than a glamorous and beautiful smile. More and more scientific research shows us that oral health reduces or prevents the risk of many ailments.