Bruxism Night Guard

A large percentage of people suffers from bruxism and they often do not realize it. Bruxism is the unintentional tooth grinding or tightening which is associated with dynamic lateral movements of the jaws.

The most common cause is anger, tension, stress or frustration, sleep disturbances, missing teeth or teeth that are wrong, an accident. It is usually detected during the night. Do not make your teeth a “receiver” of your anxiety!

Wearing a bruxism night guard helps you with:

  1. stopping the tooth abrasion
  2. improving your breath
  3. relieve from pain in the neck and shoulders
  4. reduction of headaches
  5. reduction of sleep discomfort
  6. reduction of stress in jaw joints
  7.  protection of natural teeth and dental work from damage caused by teeth grinding
  8. reduction of abrasions, fractures, but also excessive tooth decay
  9. any reduction in snoring


Common Symptoms:

  1. Pain, tension or intense tightening on the jaws, after breakfast wake up
  2. Headache or ear pain, especially after morning wake
  3. Teeth sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure, sweets
  4. Your partner complains that you are making noise during sleep
  5. When you open your mouth, sounds a strong click
  6. Tooth decay, broken teeth, teeth with cracks are noted in your oral cavity
  7. People who tighten or rub their teeth during the night usually like to bite pencil with their teeth, chew the inside of their cheek or eat their nails



1st visit:

  • Receive patient history
  • Clinical oral examination
  • Obtaining fingerprints on an individual diskette with imprints


2nd visit:

  • Final application (the patient needs to wear the bruxism night guard daily during sleep)